Environmental Health

Blood Lead 
The Health Department keeps track of children who have had their blood lead levels tested. For parents of children with elevated blood levels, we provide education to show them the lead hazards in their environment and safe options for remediating those hazards.
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention
Lead Dust Clean Up Methods
Lead in Toys
Lead Safe Nebraska
Lead-based paint consulting companies licensed in Nebraska

Mercury Bucket Program
The Health Department collects mercury thermometers for proper disposal. Please bring thermometers to the Department office Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The Health Department can assist residents with nuisance-related issues. However, inspections and enforcement are determined by the local code enforcement departments.

Radon Program
The Health Department provides information about the dangers associated with elevated indoor radon gas exposure.

Nebraska Licensed Radon Measurement Businesses
Nebraska Licensed Radon Mitigation Businesses

Recycling Education
Free in-class recycling education programs are available to preschools and early elementary school classes in Sarpy and Cass counties. Story time, games, and hands-on activities are tailored to each schools' needs and allowed time.

Swimming Pool and Spa Inspections
The Health Department conducts inspections of some public swimming pools and spas in Sarpy and Cass counties. The Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services Swimming Pool Program is responsible for all of the licensing of swimming pools in Sarpy and Cass counties. For private swimming pool questions, contact your local city or county code enforcement department.

West Nile Virus Monitoring and Mosquito Abatement
The Health Department conducts West Nile Virus activities from June through October each year. Dead bird collection, mosquito trapping, and mosquito larvae sampling are conducted during that time. Free mosquito repellent and educational materials are available throughout the year.


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Environmental Health Contact Information
Jenny Steventon
Environmental Health Coordinator
402-339-4334 x 6969
[email protected]






Enforcement Activities:


The following Environmental Health services are conducted by agencies other than the Sarpy/Cass Health Department:

Food/Restaurant Licensing and Inspections
Nebraska Department of Agriculture, Food Division

Food Safety Training and Certification

Drinking Water Sampling
DHHS Public Health Laboratory

Swimming Pool and Spa Licensing
DHHS Swimming Pool Program

Lead Testing
Nebraska Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Body Art, Nail Technology, and Cosmetology Licensing and Inspections
DHHS Consumer Services Program